Paul mccartney dating news

Theory: In the outro of Strawberry Fields Forever, John Lennon can be heard on the left channel of the recording to say something along the lines of "I buried Paul".The fact that it's panned hard-left on the recording suggests it was picked up on a cymbal microphone, and that John was standing near Ringo's drum kit.Not the type of 'evidence' that stands up in a court of law, mind you.


The long-running conspiracy theories about the 'real' Paul Mc Cartney dying in 1966 and being replaced by a look-alike have returned, thanks to a new Ringo Starr 'interview'.

A number of websites recently claimed that Ringo had given an exclusive interview in which he revealed Macca did in fact die in 1966 in a car accident, to be replaced by look-alike Billy Shears. The original interview quotes are from a satirical news website, Macca is still very much alive (unless you know something, we don't).


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