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However, a group request is not completely finalized until we receive payment for the tickets.

Q.4 What if my group has more than one date when they can see the show? Q.12 Can you help my group secure a restaurant reservation? Placing a request with us does not guarantee that your ticket order will be filled.

Q.5 What if my group is interested in more than one show? Q.9 What if I need accessible seating or have other special seating requests? Q.13 If I make multiple orders, will I receive one itemized invoice, or multiple invoices? Q.21 What happens if I purchase more tickets than I end up needing for my group? After receiving an order on our website or over the phone we submit your request to the box office on your behalf.

Q.2 Does placing a request mean I am guaranteed tickets? Or, feel free to call us anytime at (855) 203-9980.

Q.3 Why doesn't my show offer a complimentary ticket? We believe there's a perfect show available for any group! Does placing a request mean I am guaranteed tickets?


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