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The next day, after their coronation, they destroyed Giki-Kiki's ruby.

They went to the Dark side in an attempt to get the sister ruby and ran into the Tarantula People.

Brady controlled them with the Bat Medallion so they showed them where the sister ruby was. Spew) He and Boomer went to the prom of their old high school, where he danced with Mikayla. I've rigged this baby to my crown with a fishing line.

He convinced Boomer to believe in himself and go into the sister ruby's cave. (Return of the Kings) Brady fought pirates, mermaids and a mummy (Oh Brother, Where Arr Thou, A Mermaid's Tail, Revenge Of The Mummy). (Pair of Prom Kings) He and King Boomer give up being kings thinking they are not Kings of Legend due to them doing very bad and dangerous things to their island and bringing back the evil Zadoc to life by moving his statue to the dark side by mistake but then when their balloon pops they end up on the dark side and have to find their way out but during their adventure they learn they are kings of legend by seeing pictures of the lady of the cave's drawing which everthing is true on her drawing and comes to life they go and destroy Zadoc for good and become kings once more. When a kind and gullible samaritan tries to pick it up to return it, BLECH! Is that like that moldy buildup you get behind your knees? You don't wanna look weak." "This is how you get me back?

Brady and Boomer discovered that they are kings of a tropical island called Kinkow. Hey Mason, me and Mikayla are getting married." "I was just wondering about this, uh, karma. " "Please tell me that's a giant black dove." "Ah, it's karma! " "Oh, now you tie my shoes together." "Why aren't you pulling me? By royal decree you guys can play jokes on us between the hours of two and five, seven and nine. My feet weren't even in 'em." "I put your toothbrush in the toilet." "don't even think about it, it was an accident." - Pair of Jokers "Mikayla what is with all If awful and terrible had a baby it would be Boomer singing. Boomer doesn't know what the chiming is." "I'm serious. I can't command Boomer, but I can command the Kingdom not to boo or hurl a hundred pound tomato right? That's just Boomer singing in the shower." "Everyone save yourselves." "Maybe you shouldn't sing at the festival." "She is.

When they arrived Brady met Mikayla and fell in love with her. Oh, and stay away from the money maker." "OH, good.

While the film has yet to be confirmed, Mitchel Musso has expressed interest in returning for a film.

Later at the episode The evil king, he is put under a spell, and Mikayla kisses him, therefore lifting the spell. I thought you couldn't get that twice." "You know, funky might've been over the line.

After Mason tells Brady and Boomer of their lineage, the brothers relocate to the island of Kinkow to assume their roles as the joint kings of the island nation, which has many odd customs and superstitions. I can command anything, in fact I command backwards day. Lois." "Hear ye, hear ye, by the power vestied in me King Brady the powerful and adorable I hereby command that no one boo, hiss, catapult a freakishly large tomato, or in any other way be mean to King Boomer while he's up here singing." "Okay, Okay, stop it. That's just what Boomer sounds like when he sings." "Look. The oldest twin was supposed to rule alone, but, since all records of which twin Brady or Boomer is the eldest were lost, the two of them must rule together. You know, my beautiful mind invented that prank." "Knock it off Mahuma." "You know, this whole thing is your fault. " "All right, nothing to see here people, show's over." "You tied my shoes together again? Everyone must walk backwards, talk backwards, the earth will spin backwards and we'll go back in time." "Or am I . I know what you're doing, and I think it's very clever, but here's the thing guys. I don't care if you're setting up for our secret wedding. " "Nobody wants to hear that story." "Ignoring." "Wait, we have to perform and dodge a giant tomato? Not really." "And if you don't like us, you throw a tomato at us? " "I think so, but don't worry, I've got it covered. That would be very nice." "And now, to start off the week long festival, here is vocal stylist and co-ruler of your country, ladies and gentlemen, King Boomer." "That's it.


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