Padma lakshmi dating chef

host Padma Lakshmi‘s mogul boyfriend Teddy Forstmann died of cancer in November, and he left an estimated .8 billion trust fund to Padma’s daughter, Krishna Lakshmi — but he’s not her real dad, according to the NY Daily News!During an interview with , the 44-year-old model revealed that she goes to great lengths to ensure that she can squeeze into a teeny bikini.“I follow a clean diet: no meats, no sweets, no alcohol, no cheese, no fried food, no wheat,” Lakshmi revealed.“I walk at a steady pace, two steps at a time,” she said.“It’s the perfect workout because pretty much anywhere you go, there are stairs and they’re usually empty.” The host said that she works out so much she loves food too much to constantly deprive herself.“I date a lot less as a single mom – I’ll tell you that! “I just don’t have time.” If Padma Lakshmi is still interested in finding Mr.



Padma Lakshmi probably didn’t intend for her bikini bulge to be the focus of a throwback beach photo, but one of her pals pointed out that it sort of looks like she has a penis in the picture below. ” If Lakshmi hadn’t pointed the “penis” out, it’s doubtful that any of her Instagram followers would have noticed it.According to “My friend claims it looks like I have a penis in this pic,” she captioned the photo. Padma’s pal likely noticed the virtually-nonexistent bulge because the area above it is so tight and toned — Lakshmi’s belly is flatter than a board in her throwback photo.


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