P diddy and j lo dating again

Reps for both stars have so far declined to comment on the issue.

This would be a huge salary hike for Lopez, who earned a reported million (£7.3 million) for her first year in the competition.

I was in shock.” This isn’t the first time Diddy and J-Lo have met up. Wonder what happened on those separate occasions…Hmmmm.

They hadn’t spoken in years, and all of a sudden, she’s calling and texting.” Wellllllllll..

According to Media Take Out, J-Lo flew into New York City to go on a date with Diddy at the famous PHILLIPE CHOW restaurant. Sources say Jennifer reached out to Diddy last year when she realized her marriage was on the rocks with Marc Anthony.


A source says, “Diddy came in quickly and immediately went to the private area . An insider close to Diddy tells Media Take Out , “[Diddy] was not expecting Jennifer to call him.

hot spots where Jennifer Lopez also happened to be -- and there was a reunion -- but on the down side his Maybach got jacked up by an overzealous photog. Chow and that's where the pap gouged his sweet ride while trying to get a shot.



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    Click through to find your favorite fisting adventure.

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    It is well-known that cast mates Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso have always kept in touch, even after the show ended.

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    Even worse, Kenya is such a joyless creature it requires singular suspension of disbelief to accept that Brian Kelly (Simon Baker, "The Ring Two," "Land of the Dead"), the white landscape architect, would stick around.

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    You then add his case of homophobic foot-in-mouth yesterday on the question of New Jersey's Solomon-like babysplitting on the issue of marriage rights for gays and lesbians and it makes perfect sense that I genuinely don't dig Harold Ford. Even Bob Corker is running from it, RNSC's refusal to pull the ad and closet-case Ken Mehlman's feigned helplessness notwithstanding. “You know your opponent is scared when his main opposition against you is, ‘My opponent likes girls.’ ” A high-yellow man himself, it seems clear to me that he left out a word for media consumption and what he really meant to say -- but cannot in mainstream politics, even in Tennessee -- was:"You know your opponent is scared when his main opposition against you is "My opponent likes white girls."Obviously, Corker and the Republican National Senatorial Committee know Tennessee a lot better than folks gave them credit for (not that this wouldn't play right here in California too, given that the Klan and John Birchers haven't gone anywhere really but underground out here).

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