Outlook updating inbox takes forever who is sarah taylor aberdeen dating

He does have an inbox of 700mb with several subfolders, but moving them doesn't seem to resolve the problem.

In fact, when the inbox is finished processing and Outlook proceeds to check the subfolders, emails will start to come in.

When cached mode is disabled, he immediately receives his emails.

He recently visited our area and his hotel uses the same ISP as our offices.


Our user is located in the UK and he connects to our servers in Virginia either by VPN or via RPC. When he first opens Outlook, the message 'Updating Folder" remains for 10-15 minutes before the first email shows up in his inbox.

We tried recreating the file, but this didn't help.

I was able to reproduce this problem using a clean install of Windows 7/Office 2010 on a different laptop with a Verizon mifi to test outside our ISP.

I've not found this problem with any of our other remote users.


I have an odd situation with one of our remote users.

To give you some background, We are currently using Exchange 2003 Enterprise with a front end server.



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    We have narrowed down the problem to Internet Explorer 11 using Windows 8.1.

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