Outlook not updating calendar schedules


Use Google Calendar to let an assistant manage your calendar.

That person will then see your calendar in their account and be able to create events, send invitations, and accept or decline invitations on your behalf. Use Google Calendar to share a calendar with other people in your domain, or even publicly with the world.

When the invitation is sent, a tentative appointment will appear on the invitees' calendars.

Potential attendees can then accept or reject the invitation.

They can do this from their G Suite profile in Outlook or from their Google Calendar interface. (You don't use Outlook's "Share my Calendar" link, which isn't available with GSSMO.) For details, see Share a calendar with Outlook users.

Organize meetings you don't plan to attend: When using Outlook, you can't organize a meeting without being listed as an attendee.

If you schedule the meeting in Google Calendar, however, you can remove yourself from the attendee list.

is a tool which allows you to invite groups of people to meetings or events without having to email them individually.


Sign in to your G Suite account from any web browser to see and manage your same calendars that are available in Outlook.

When coming to Google Calendar from Outlook, here are a few things to note.



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