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They drift over here like so much trash because its easy here, and unfortunately, here they stay.You see a lot of men here that couldn’t hack it in the West.Couldn’t get the jobs, couldn’t get the girls, couldn’t get the life.Filipinas are a beautiful race on the whole with their mix of Asian and Spanish heritage, and it’s no surprise that they have been so successful in international beauty pageants; the 2015 Miss Universe is from the Philippines and they have had a lot of success in other competitions as well. I’ve dated around considerably more than I ever did in Poland, but the most dates I had with any one guy was four, and that was two too many.Doctors, lawyers, Indian Chiefs, you name it, Poland had it.In Taiwan there are primarily three categories of English-speaking foreigners.


Dating a Filipina can be akin to walking through a minefield if you’re not from the Philippines (or even if you are! No man will ever completely understand women regardless of the country of origin, but this is even more challenging when people from two completely different cultures interact.

It’s a generally accepted notion that it is easier for male expats of all ages to find a date/girlfriend/wife in the Philippines compared to their home countries, and it’s undoubtedly one of the main reasons why some men choose to come here, sometimes referred to as ‘sex tourism’.

English teachers are in high demand in Taiwan both in the public schools and in Buxibans. Many of them are intensely curious about Westerners. The teaching schedule is light compared with many other jobs.

No experience or teaching certifications are required to teach in most Buxibans, yet the money is good. And, if you’re a male, the women are fascinated with you. Basically, the ones that are attracted to a life of ease without having to work for it.

When comparing the quality of Expats in Poland to Taiwan, Poland wins hands down.The Expats I met in Poland were significantly better educated, as a group.



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