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Sorry, this metaphor ran its course about 100 words ago — but I’m like three hours in to a low-carb diet and Betty Crocker’s already come a’knockin’.

(I’m also skipping extended reviews of each audition this week, since I’ve got a nagging chest infection and have to shoot Reality Check with Melinda Doolittle — see our season premiere below — tomorrow.) 14.

“To be honest I think it changed more significantly once Paula left, at least for me,” Simon said, “the show was never the same because she and I had such a connection and such a shorthand together.” judging panel, which is currently made up of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr., has changed, confessing to the site that he hasn’t actually seen any recent episodes of the singing series.La’Porsha Renae has been under fire following her comments about her home state’s newly signed anti-LGBT bill.


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