Online to love russian men dating


The most important factor is finding someone with a similar mentality who shares my passions and life goals.

Maybe he's Russian, maybe he's American, maybe he's African?

So many amusing comments in this recent post comparing German and Russian women.

And where are all the stories analyzing men, their looks and their behaviors? Today for the English speakers, I'll share an interesting discussion about Russian and American men.

Each person is an individual, with their own unique traits.

I've dated Americans, Eastern Europeans (Slovak and Ukrainian) and two Jewish guys.

She has dated both American and Russian men, and her observations on the differences are highly amusing.

I know a lot of Russian men, but I've never dated one. I guess it's possible, but he would have to be progressive with modern views about women and their roles in relationships.

In general, I'm always amazed how often bloggers discuss women on LJ!

Everything about them - appearance, age, mentality - dissecting every single component of their being.


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