Online sex chat in south africa


More details from Times Live, quoting business owners and those in the know: Jo Kotze…said the industry was booming as “more couples were exploring toys to improve their bedroom lives”.She said the average shopper spent more than a R1000.It’s often assumed that us South Africans, tucked away at the bottom of Africa, are a rather conservative bunch when it comes to the hanky panky. and the UK, but I think in this case a silver medal ain’t all that bad.Google would argue not, and argue that point convincingly, because we actually have the third highest Google search rate for sex toys in the entire world. The global sex toy industry is valued at around billion (R220 billion), and a fair chunk of that is spent right here at home.One look at their top three selling sex toys (HERE) and it becomes even more clear – us Saffas have a kinky side and we’re not afraid to show it.



“Sex is something that we don’t talk openly about, but that doesn’t mean that people are not researching and exploring ways to try new things,” Brunton said.And try new things we do – a quick chat with the folks at Désir confirmed this, a spokesperson saying the demand has never been higher.


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