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Definition: A romantic interest, your main guy/girl.

Can refer to a boyfriend, girlfriend, casual hookup, etc.

While it's slightly concerning that our top word is in fact a symbol, the fact that an emoji is the winner points to an even larger commentary on our society as a whole, and the way in which we chose to express ourselves in the modern era.

Like language itself, the language of dating is in constant flux, and continues to reflect both our use of technology and our cultural fear of commitment.

For me, it encompasses that gray area between full-fledged relationship and one-night stand that is all too often impossible to define. " What it really means: Again, this term represents a pervasive desire to eliminate commitment and transition straight away to a purely sexual connection.

There would be absolutely no need to define our romantic relationships if not for our aversion to labels and our love for ambiguity.

The concept of DTR'ing reflects a larger issue of trying to perpetuate a romantic connection without any of the obligations of commitment.


Sentence: "Is that her boo thing sitting next to her?

" What it really means: Perhaps this word isn't used as frequently as the others listed, but "boo thing" has come to be one of my absolute favorite terms.

In this day and age, we would rather send a symbol of a heart via text message and let the recipient interpret its meaning than clearly articulate our feelings in person. As such, today's modern "dating dictionary" must reflect the fast-paced, tech-driven language that we now use to communicate romance.

Of course, this is largely the result of the paradigm shift toward online dating that now characterizes our culture, where it's argued that around one third of U. Mic recently created their own "dating dictionary" to try and define our generation's love language using words such as "thirst follow" and "defensive dating." I thought their choices reflected larger themes in our dating culture, and I added a few more to the modern dating lexicon.

As a result, here Definition: Define The (Romantic) Relationship.

Conversation usually begins with, "Sooo, what are we...? " What it really means: We're terrified of commitment!


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