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that attracts women) into the mix, the tables start to turn.You start to realize that game is one of the big equalizers if you don’t have other inherent advantages (fame, fortune, looks).The key is to realize that in order to excel in this type of environment, just like a bar or club, you must surpass your competition.In the online world, your competition isn’t particularly effective, but they do have immense .Of COURSE everything else being equal, a more attractive guy will do better than a less attractive guy in a superficial environment where the picture is the only thing you see of the other person. But that certainly does NOT prove that online dating doesn’t work.It would be akin to saying that everything else being equal, the taller basketball player will win, so thus, no one can ever get good at basketball unless they’re tall. The fact is, looks DO matter, especially in an environment where the other party can’t initially see your wit, humor, confidence, etc.



I’m short, I’m Asian, I’m not traditionally attractive, and I’m certainly not rich. Though if we’re being honest, you’re probably going to have trouble with ANY kind of dating so it’s not that surprising that online dating would be similar.So you can imagine my results when I first attempted the online thing in 2001 with zero social skills on top of that. But when you start to add “game” (game in this context meaning the collective charm, wit, humor, charisma, etc.I stopped by a local dating advice forum the other day and a bunch of guys were debating whether online dating was useful if you weren’t tall, good looking, white, etc.I’ve actually gotten this question a LOT recently so thought I’d finally put it to rest.

But even in the online dating arena, looks aren’t Which is particularly good in my case, because otherwise online dating would be impossible I know online dating can work for guys like me, because *I’VE* made it work, and I don’t really have any natural advantages in the online dating game.

I’ll be the first to point out that I have a lot of inherent DISADVANTAGES when doing online dating. Without game OR looks, you’re going to have a lot of trouble with online dating.


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