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women — feel free to date a wide range of age groups.Still one has to wonder: Is hooking up with someone twenty years your junior like tapping into your own personal fountain of youth?


Plus, she wanted kids, and my two kids are already grown so I’ve been there, done that. Culbreth: Sometimes people this age fall into the trap of supporting the person financially or taking on a parental role. So what are the benefits of dating someone older when you’re in your fifties? Men become more nurturing, more comfortable with intimacy and able to share themselves in ways they never could before.

Camfield: I’ve dated women a few years older than me, and it makes me feel like a hot young stud! I find that they appreciate me more and spoil me, too. Each has the wisdom and experience to celebrate the other. Evans: Dating someone older just doesn’t interest me.


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    Jenner is the daughter of former Olympic decathlete Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce), and part of the Kardashian family.

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    And for many, that means getting back on the dating scene.

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