Online dating for occultists

In between his thoughts came a sweet little tone; it seemed to move his fingers automatically, “Hi, I’m Kitsune and I’m a tulpa.” Tulpas are sentient beings imagined into existence using meditation-style exercises.


When Maciej opened his eyes he was lying on his bed in his house in Wroclaw, Poland. He jumped up, sat in front of his laptop, and got in touch with me. “They’ve been with me 20 months; their names are Twi, Dash, and Scoots. Things snowballed in 2012 when adult fans of known as “bronies” to anyone who's been near a computer for the past three years—caught on. A few anonymous members started to experiment with creating tulpas.“The Russian social networking site Vkontakte also boasts 6,000+ members…


Kitsune was a mercurial orb hovering above a marble obelisk. “The Reddit forum has 6,000-plus members,” writes Dr Samuel Veissière, Visiting Professor of Transcultural Psychiatry, Cognitive Science and Anthropology at Mc Gill University in Montreal.

They created a new forum on Reddit and crafted tulpas based on their favourite characters from the show.


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