Online dating and matchmaker

Matchmakers carefully screen any potential matches. With online dating, you are completely on your own to decide whether or not someone you are considering is worth meeting.

At Kelleher International, matchmakers thoroughly screen each potential match to make sure they are of quality before they are introduced to the client. When you post a profile on an online dating website, your profile is viewable by all site members, which could invite unwelcomed attention.



That's why many Hollywood celebrities opt for Kelleher International's Los Angeles matchmaking services.

A premier LA matchmaker, Kelleher International specializes in helping the well-known and well-to-do find love.

It's easy to find someone online who might share your hobby or favorite movie or even someone you're attracted to, but finding someone who clicks with your temperament or shares your personal and professional goals is much harder to find.

Kelleher International's experienced matchmakers are much more effective than a computer database at spotting desirable qualities in a potential match.

For many, this is a difficult, time-consuming and overwhelming task.

When you seek the help of a matchmaker like Kelleher International, you benefit from having a love expert behind you, guiding you to the right person. Though most online dating services offer advanced search features that allow you to find members, these sites offer little in the way of services that help you find someone with whom you are truly compatible.


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