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Sorry, we don't have any sailing information or timetables at the moment.

This technology allows speeds of up to 40 knots while ensuring a remarkably comfortable journey.Onboard, Venezia Lines Ferry service offers a variety of onboard facilities such as spacious and executive style air-conditioned lounges, bars and restaurants along with tax free shopping.For a wide range of alternatives, see our ferry routes page.Atlas Kompass operates two modern ships with outdoor decks, air-conditioned seating areas and a bar serving refreshments and snacks. The Commodore Cruise ship, the has two floors of airline style seating, both fully air-conditioned to help you relax on your journey.


With uk you can always find the cheapest ferry prices and latest deals for ferries from Croatia to Italy by using the Compare Prices booking form.The Pula to Venice ferry route is only available in the summer and when available uk shows the latest Pula ferry timetables, journey times as well as our latest and best prices.


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