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He makes a brief cameo appearance in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. During the German occupation, the sound of his violin filled the air with magnificent music - Korsakov, Stasov - many of the great nationalist composers. According to Reznov, his father was a musician, who, during the Siege of Stalingrad, played music by patriotic composers with his violin. Collaborating with any Nazi is a betrayal, a betrayal against all of Mother Russia.As one of the only two survivors of a brutal German massacre near a fountain, he is saved from being executed by feigning death.It is here that he and Dimitri Petrenko first meet each other, with Reznov explaining his situation to Dimitri.


The arrogance of their leaders is matched only by the brutality of their soldiers.

These are the darkest days of the Nazi occupation of Stalingrad." He is first seen in the mission "Vendetta", as a sniper trying to assassinate the German general Heinrich Amsel, the "Architect of Stalingrad's misery".



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