Older white women dating younger black men gay dating pictures


I have wanted to release something on the topic in response to the article or at least on the subject for quite some time now, because I have been pondering this issue for years as a young black woman, and I think I have figured out exactly why many successful black men tend to date white women.

So without further ado, here is a more sociological explanation as to why successful black men date white women.

The second important reason is gender conditioning, specifically hegemonic masculinity, more or less meaning dominance over women. They are supposed to be tough, not back down from challenges, not sissies, and a whole host of other things, but here’s the kicker: hegemonic masculinity was never meant for black men.

I hated Walter because of his erratic behavior—particularly the way he talks to his mother—but Lorraine Hansberry had to craft him that way to show how desperate he was and how stifled he felt by society.

Walter was being eaten alive inside because he felt like he could be doing so much more for himself and his family, if only he were granted an opportunity.

The first reason successful black men may be inclined to date white women is because America is a patriarchy, essentially meaning that men are in charge.

Black men have been taught that they are supposed to be leaders and providers in their households and in their communities, but their blackness, historically speaking, overrides their maleness in many ways.

For instance, one of the ways used to keep black men down was the idea of their perpetual boyhood.



So a while back, I read an article called “Are Rich Black Men turning their backs on White Women? It was intriguing in its perspective, but very opinion based, so of course some people took issue with some of what was said, as did I.However, I also thought there was quite a bit of merit to the article.He has this vision of what a man is supposed to be, and because of that vision he is slowly being driven mad by the fact that he cannot be that man the way he wants to be.This is important because while we are past the Civil Rights Era, this has not completely gone away.

What this creates is a race of men who feel constantly emasculated.James Baldwin gets at this in his piece, “Notes of a Native Son,” paying homage to “Native Son” by Richard Wright; however, a really good and more widespread character that illustrates this is Walter Younger in A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry.



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