Old spice actor dating accomodating learners

"I just tried to create this lovable, oblivious [buffoon], who's a little bit smug," he said. We're not shocked at all.) The Old Spice body wash audition was like any other except ... the night before, he called a college buddy, quarterback Jake Plummer, most recently of the NFL's Denver Broncos, to shoot the breeze.(OK, Isaiah didn't say "buffoon." Nobody says "buffoon" except maybe for the guy on the horse. In a lovable way, of course.) "But he really just wants to help." Mustafa talked to the Ministry from the set of the ABC series "Castle," where his FBI agent character was soon to be put to work "sweeping the building." It was a job he booked right before the ad hit -- though since then, he says, he's been getting a lot more opportunities for work. Jake wasn't home, but Jake's answering machine was -- so Isaiah, schooled in improvisation, did an over-the-top mini performance of the script he had in hand.It was over the top in a way that wound up striking the fancy of the public, as it caught the wave of uber ad-awareness that follows Super Bowl Sunday.Playing in theaters while couples hit "Valentine's Day" and "Avatar" last weekend hasn't hurt either.

Running at the last minute the day before Valentine's Day, he said, he hit up Burke Williams to snag her a gift certificate for a spa package.

His acting roots were firmly planted in New York where he starred in many Broadway plays and musicals. Join us for a live Facebook Q&A with Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets director Luc Besson Thursday, Nov.

He, of course, is actor Isaiah Mustafa, otherwise known as "the guy who stars in that Old Spice commercial" -- a spot that's been cracking folks up for a couple of weeks now.

"There was a couple standing behind me, and as I'm leaving, the stops me," Mustafa said. Getting a "yep, that's me" in reply, "He said, ' Dude, that's some funny stuff, keep it coming!

It's long, but don't be afraid -- the man on the horse wouldn't be afraid. Along with the secrets of the shoot, it includes plenty of praise for Mustafa's powers of concentration and sense of humor, and, surprise, we learn the spot was aimed at women as well as men. Ladies (and a select few of you gents): Isaiah does indeed have a girlfriend.

The commercial went up on You Tube," he says, "and it was like 100,000 more every couple of hours. In his mid-20s, he opened a barbecue place that taught him that even though his mom enjoyed running a restaurant, he absolutely did not. She's a dancer -- "professional, not pole," he is quick to note -- whom he says is fantastic and funny.



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