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She also remains by his side as he dies of AIDS, although she is horrified by the diagnosis because she’s pregnant.Griffin endured several abusive relationships throughout her life, and she lost three sons—the first to illness when he was two months old, the second when he was only a day old, and the third, Tyree, to gang violence at age 21—as she recounts in her memoir, In real life: Greene was 16 when she and Dr.Dre (then 17) had a son, who grew up to be aspiring rapper Curtis “Hood Surgeon” Young. important;}.ezoic-wrapper-column-2{max-width:363px! important;}.ezoic-wrapper-column-1 *{max-width:363px;}.ezoic-wrapper-column-2 *{max-width:363px;}.ezoic-wrapper-content *{max-width:750px;}Widget Wrap{display:table! Later, she comforts Dre after the death of his brother, Tyree, assuring Dre it wasn’t his fault., she quit her group, the Four Aces, when she got pregnant.



Griffin and Young divorced when Dre was a young child.

Griffin worked full time, and emphasized to her children the importance of hard work and discipline.

Greene and Dre’s relationship ended shortly after Young was born, as it does in the movie. Dre.” But Weeks didn’t want Young to meet his biological father, saying, “I’m his dad, there ain’t no reason for him to meet him.” Young did not meet Dre until he was 20, after Greene and Weeks divorced.

Greene went on to date and then marry another man, Andre Weeks, who apparently had a conflicted relationship with Young’s parentage: According to Young, during a heated moment, Weeks blurted out, “Nigga I ain’t your dad! In the film: Tomica (Carra Patterson) examines Eazy-E’s paperwork with his manager Jerry Heller, and is instrumental in freeing him from Heller’s influence.

, but our glimpses of the film’s female characters are snapshots at best.They appear with little introduction, and often depart with similar abruptness, leaving you to wonder what ever happened to them.



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