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Move the camera to the far right to see Tourmaline Surf Park, or to the left to see Pacific Beach Drive,or better yet zoom in on the surf breaks by The Crystal Pier, where the camera sits,to see live surfing in San Diego up close and live online!Jim and Randy at The Crystal Pier for all of their help and supportgetting this camera hooked up (3 years ago) and for helping usget everything done.Although topless sunbathing is widely acceptable in Jamaica, spots for full-on nude sunbathing are a little scarce -- but there are a handful of good resort options for vacationers who prefer to tan au naturel, whether they are spring breakers or moms trying to avoid tan lines.You control the camera to catch the surfers and surf breaks along North Pacific Beach area.A fair amount of Jerseyans apparently want to get naked, because on this weekday afternoon Gunnison is packed.The nude beach is tucked at the north end of Sandy Hook - Parking Lot G is 4.5 miles from the front entrance. The water is more than a half mile from the parking lot."Our motto here,'' she said, "is get naked or get lost.'' If you're expecting Brazilian supermodels & rock hard abs, you're in the wrong place.


I'm at the state's only legal nude beach wearing nothing but a smile.

At first glance, Gunnison looks like any Jersey beach - blankets, chairs, umbrellas, coolers. ''You draw more attention here with your clothes on than with your clothes off,'' says Gunnison regular Al Kononowitz of Brick.

Sleep over the ocean on the Crystal Pier at The Crystal Pier Hotel and Cottages for helping us this camera and wiring set up updated.

After 3 years of ocean air the camera finally had some wiringcorrode and it took some time and trouble shooting to find the sourcesince there is over 300 feet of wire from the modem to the camera.


"Newspapers always do a story on the beach at least once a year,'' says Al Kononowitz of Brick. "Reporters gone naked'' sounds like the title of a reality show no one wants to see, but if you're going to spend the afternoon at Gunnison Beach, you need to act like the locals, and go native.

I've been to Gunnison one other time in my life (I swear), and the best line about the nude beach came from a woman I talked to first time out.


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