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You could try calling the jobcentre at 9am and see if they will give you a crisis loan?


Got up this morning and checked my bank online to find that my tax credits haven't gone in!!!!!!Called the bank to be told by a really rude man that as I wasn't registered for phone banking then I would have to call back at half 8. To be told that the payment was sent on the 18th and confirmed bank details etc.I budget wednesday to Wednesday an then this happens!!!!!!Does anyone know where I stand or what I can do?????????? I am meticulous at knowing when our money comes in and how much it is, would go out of my mind if something didnt come in.

But sometimes on a friday ours dont show in our bank account until about midday. hope it does get sorted though xx i had the same thing happen to me last turned out that that sky had taken all of my money leaving me with 65p available!


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