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The girl who still is so nervous about her spelling that she carries a little computer spell-check machine in her bag.The girl who was in a pop group for six years before she realized she might have a few firm feelings of her own that she wanted to sing about.This other Gwen Stefani is the one who turns up now and then under the gaze of the video camera or in a crisp moment of control at the front of the concert stage, and who rules all of this by instinct. LP (released in October 1995, it finally reached No. He fiddles with his nose incessantly (Gwen sometimes complains about this to No Doubt audiences)." and cartoon bird looking up, up and away above the wall, wondering if maybe – just maybe – it could fly that high, wondering if this time it'll escape its garden prison and flutter to freedom.Pop music history is made up of complicated combination of dates and troubles and events and dreams and miseries and ambitions (and we will discover plenty of these in the tangled tale of No Doubt), but it's also made up of single, momentary glances that we never forget, of the occasional flicker in some singer's pretty clothes and girlie hairstyles." fame – of sticking her head alone above the parapet. He is famous within the band for being excessively anal.

The girl who still lives at home and who readily admits that consequently she hasn't grown up in all the ways that harsh adult independence requires.

The girl who never really realized she wanted to be a singer until long after her brother Eric had persuaded her to stand on the stage and had imagined "Gwen Stefani, pop star" into existence.


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