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Nathan Thomas takes another pull from The Horse Traders gifted gallon jug, passes it to me. I kept Muck’s Arctic Pros in the old diesel band van for winter touring, a broken heater system sent the engines temperature to the floor vents in the front passenger seat only creating ‘the hell seat’, the rest of the vehicles occupants would freeze. Wookies Unite – The Kentucky Flag Bearer, The Duck Strangler, Ash Punk, Neck-tat Irishman.

A ruby as the buckle’s sole gemstone – a talisman of protection, passion and prosperity. My intuition has been proving itself successful – and uses much less data.

I left wearing my silver-belly felt Resistol and have since switched over to straw. A foamie picked up as my first American Walmart purchase. Not even Daniel Day-Lewis would touch that son-of-a-bitch. My first night off the highway in Carrington, ND, I open it to find: “Blake, Watch the signs. /day roaming package, 100 mb/day – unlimited texting and calling within and outside of The United States.

The adage of Rome couldn’t ring truer to the moment and I’m seeing the importance of sharing it with my new brethren – passing on my abstinence to bond and celebrate with drink.

I give the possibility a Catholic perception as one would share in a chalice of the blood of Christ, passing it onward in the communion. Ideal for feeding cattle in the softening spring-time combination of manure, frost, straw and dirt, walking winter distances through the Canadian prairies, and apparently, playing the banjo.


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