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The emails were discovered during that office's internal review of the Jerry Sandusky investigation.

Two of them now serve as part of Corbett's Cabinet – state police Commissioner Frank Noonan and Secretary of the Department of Environmental Protection Chris Abruzzo.

The email release comes in a week where some believe Corbett began to build some momentum based on his performance in Monday's debate with Democratic candidate Tom Wolf in a race where polls consistently show Wolf to be the frontrunner.

For a variety of reasons, Kane said she was not at liberty to disclose the source of the email.

You then end up on the page for "Kids Live Safe," which is a legitimate BBB-accredited business. Pundits say it's risky but Democratic candidate Tom Wolf (left) could use the racy email scandal against Gov.The absence of that information to put the emails in context leaves the public with a vague notion that they think they know what was going on but can't be sure, said Terry Madonna, a political scientist from Franklin & Marshall College.So without fuller disclosure, he said Kane's release of the emails really does not serve the public well.

Tom Corbett (at left) as the two enter the final six weeks of the 2014 gubernatorial campaign.Folks who usually pontificate on all things political don't know what to make of the racy emails that were received on the office computers in the state attorney general's office. "I do think when you get into territory such as this, there are no winners," said public relations consultant Larry Ceisler. It goes from the people who wrote them to the people who received them to the people who revealed them." Attorney General Kathleen Kane on Thursday released a sampling of emails containing images of nudes, people having sex and in sexually suggestive positions that were received by individuals who worked under her predecessor – then-Attorney General Tom Corbett and Linda Kelly – between 20.


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