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The provider can use this amount as collateral in case the borrower defaults on the payments.In Canada, for example there are a variety of Secured Credit Card options.The CIBC bank offers a card that is geared towards individuals who need to begin establishing their credit.However, she needed to take out another credit card to help make payments as well as a method of re-establishing a credit history.The thing about bad credit is that in many cases, banks and credit card companies will deny you a credit card because they view your application as too risky.This is where things, however can get a bit tricky.I was talking to a friend the other day and she is in the midst of rebuilding her credit after her credit rating had fallen quite low due to various financial difficulties.


While it is true that you may have fewer credit card options – there are still some providers that will issue you a new card.A suitable credit card that is popular in North America, yet what my research tells me is that it is not available in Australia at this time – is Secured credit card.


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