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"The language was really what [drew me to the project, based on the Amos Oz book], his obsession with words and the way words are connected in Hebrew, which has this incredible poetry and magic," she says. I feel like there’s some people who become prominent and then it’s out in the foreign press. "I don’t see why not to be forgiving to someone who is, I mean, someone who’s trying to change," she says. "I was very unhappy to be included in those emails, and I told Ryan so," says Portman. Love and intellectualism is their sort of way." , but says: "I would love to. I’m very excited that they’re making them, of course. And great people [are] doing it." She adds: "I really liked all the people I worked with.


The sequel to 2011's surprisingly effective "Thor," which saw the Norse God of Thunder (and, apparently, superhero), played by the rugged Chris Hemsworth, displaced on Earth after enraging his father (Anthony Hopkins). He also got to stomp around and wonder aloud what coffee was. In "Thor: The Dark World," though, it's Portman's turn to feel uncomfortably out of place.

As Jane Foster, a brilliant scientist who is dealing with anomalies in the space-time continuum the heartache of her otherworldly boyfriend leaving for galaxies unknown.


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