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More than 17 million people watched Dirty Den's return to East Enders last year after a 14-year absence.

And divorcee Sue Smith, 41, told the paper Grantham exposed himself three times over a webcam after they met through a mutual friend.

On Sunday, The People claimed that Grantham, a father of three, described sexual fantasies before exposing himself in front of the webcam in his BBC dressing room to a 23-year-old known only as Amanda.

Troubled East Enders star Leslie Grantham faced further claims of explicit internet sex today, hours after issuing a grovelling apology.


The paper said he had a three-year relationship with a 31-year-old mother of three, which included a session in which he pleasured himself while dressed as Captain Hook during a panto season.She also claimed the married star had sexual fantasies about animals and criticised his co-stars as "brown-nosers" and "back-stabbers" and that the women were "over made-up" and "tarty".A spokesman said earlier: "Anything that exposes the programme to embarrassment and any abuse of BBC resources is taken very seriously by the BBC."However we do appreciate Leslie's sincere expression of regret and his decision to make a contribution to charity."We do not intend to make any further public statements about this matter."While BBC bosses are said to be furious at Grantham's behaviour, they do not plan to take any further action against him.Grantham has spent the past two days filming the soap at the BBC studios in Elstree, Herts, where the atmosphere between him and his co-stars is said to be "as cold as Siberia".


During his internet chats with the 23-year-old blonde, the actor is said to have branded Jessie Wallace a "vile dog", Shane Richie "big-headed and self-infatuated", Kim Medcalf "a block of wood... In the statement, he said he would make a donation to charity as a mark of his apology and said: "I would like to unreservedly apologise to the cast and crew of East Enders and the BBC for the embarrassment that has been caused by recent newspaper allegations."I would like to also say sorry and pay personal tribute to Kim Medcalf, Wendy Richard, Shane Richie and Jessie Wallace in particular, who have been caught up in the results of my deplorable actions."I very much regret that a moment's stupidity has cast a shadow over what I consider one of Britain's best shows of which I'm thoroughly proud to be a part."I am wholeheartedly ashamed of my behaviour and feel that I have let down my colleagues, as well as my friends and family."After the revelations broke, the 57-year-old actor's wife Jane put on a public show of affection, kissing her husband on the doorstep of their home as he left for work yesterday.

The BBC has accepted Grantham's apology, and said last night they they had nothing to add to their previous statement.


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