Nam gyu ri dating

This reveal came when Jung Kyung Ho was on a radio show this week and the host complimented his beautiful voice and said that if he was Jung Kyung Ho’s girlfriend, he would want to listen to him talk all the time.


The host was stunned he just revealed his taken status so matter-of-factly and Jung Kyung Ho said dating is a positive thing.I’m so happy for him because he deserves all he accolades he’s gotten for his turn as The Doctor’s Sun in and I’m glad he’s found happiness in his personal life as well.So totally normal and healthy, and probably destined to last.I better get mentally prepared to write a Jung Kyung Ho is getting married post somewhere down the line.


Imma go wipe some silent tears away in the corner now.

If one wants to imagine what it would be like to date Jung Kyung Ho, go watch the one of the sexiest scenes ever in the history of K-dramas in Cruel City.


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