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Philippines online dating helps you narrow the field from thousands of singles down to those that match the selected group of compatible traits.

As you visit the sections of this website, you will experience a joyful, spirit-filled, and diverse community of faith with a heart and passion for the mission of Jesus Christ.

This passion is grounded in our baptismal covenant, as each member seeks to respond to God’s call as an agent of peace, justice and mercy in this hurting and secularized world.

This site is mainly intended to promote the Philippine dating scene so will have the opportunity to find your special someone. Now put your credit card away & join the most popular dating site in the Philippines, appreciated by thousands of Filipina ladies and foreign men.

We are hoping that you will find your Filipino penpal, your Filipina wife or just wait for your Filipino Cupid to shoot his arrow at your heart.

I am delighted and excited to welcome you through this medium to our parish community.

You will discover this website serves as a window into our common life. Peter’s continues to be a “lighthouse of faith, hope and love” to Rosedale and the surrounding communities.


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    About 5% don't drink, smoke, dance or screw in the south and southeast About 10% are still in the Remand Centre ....these are the ones still left there after the so-called "NO TOLERANCE" policy ..apparently never did exist! Now have ya ever tried workin' your arm into a cows vagina and keep a stetson on your head? Ranchers wear em to town or some of the old ones will wear the straw ones around but then they got hired help to do the dirt work.

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    The site offers live counseling and dating advice giving users live support.

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