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Meanwhile, Vinny took his rejection like a true gentleman: “I mean, if she can’t handle what I do in the streets, she ain’t going to like what I do in the sheets.” Classy. VH1's new hour-long weekly series Dating Naked is premiering next month, but today we have your first look at the sexy new show!Both admitted to being nervous, but the more apprehensive one of the two was clearly David, who couldn’t keep his forehead from dripping with sweat. On their date, David said, “I’m jealous of myself right now! They ended the night snuggled in each other’s arms. Trouble in Paradise If three’s company, then what’s four? I was like, ' I’m jealous of your gorgeous, God-given body, and I kind of just want to kiss your date.'” Then as if on cue, Vinny decided to stand by the pool and perform a “trick” of sorts as he tucked his … “That’s what you call the man-gina, and then you go like that, and that’s a fruit basket," he explained. Clearly, Natalie wished she had been on a date with someone else: “I had this great emotional connection with David, and I kind of miss him, even though he’s right there.” A Pantless Pat Down Nautica, a bodybuilder from New York, explained why she decided to go on the show.“Looking at Natalie, I’m like, ' Are you kidding me? When Natalie and Vinny met up with Dorothy and David at the house, the awkwardness was intense. Natalie shuddered and whispered, “Oh, my God — I want to die,” as Vinny was shown peeing into the ocean. “I’m from New York City, and you meet people out, they always want to take you home," she said. So for once, I met someone naked already, maybe now they can focus on getting to know me? Shortly after meeting, the two opened up about each other’s family backgrounds as they rubbed each other from head to toe. Hate to See You Go, Love to Watch You Leave Before long, it was time to say goodbye. Natalie referred to David as the “full package.” Yes, the naked puns are endless! all these different things to make sure your head’s in the right place.” After the formalities were out of the way, the duo went on to have a pleasant date.Later on, Natalie had to put an intoxicated Vinny to bed. What better way to get to know someone than over a naked massage? The pair pretended to be lifeguards in order to save each other from “drowning.” They had a surfboard and everything! Natalie faced an easy choice, and kicked Vinny to the curb, while David was more conflicted.Drown in Love There’s no denying that Zakk, firefighter by day and metal-band lead singer by night, was a cutie, but were his looks enough to compete with the connection Natalie had with David? In the end, he chose to test the waters with Nautica and sent Dorothy packing.

It’s time to take a trip back to the island of clothes-less connections to undress emotions because Dating Naked is back. Trying to Score “I’m not usually naked until maybe the end of the date, but I don’t want to be too invasive, too ‘rapey’ — chicks, women don’t like that,” David revealed.Season 3 of the VH1 dating show takes place in Bora-Bora and follows contestants David from Atlanta and Natalie from Milwaukee as they try to find love — in their birthday suits. “Just a week ago, I was out knocking doors, talking to little old ladies trying to sell them cable TV packages, and now I’m out here trying to sell my package to Natalie," Vinny quipped.“I loved being able to be a cute little lifeguard and go out there and save David’s life,” Natalie said mistakenly. Meanwhile, Zakk was upbeat about getting to stick around. "Natalie is definitely going to get a kiss at some point. I’m ready to prove that I’m not just her keeper this week, but her keeper for possibly the rest of her life.” Sounded like Zakk is falling quickly!

Up Close and Personal There was no room for shyness in the Wednesday, June 29, season premiere! "Hopefully, she takes the sale, and I give her a triple play: That’s internet, cable and phone.” We’re Not in Kansas Anymore It was time for another lady to join the mix.

David and Natalie didn’t waste any time — they simultaneously got naked and even agreed to remove their bottoms together by counting down beforehand. This time, it was Dorothy from Versailles, New York. Yeah, I feel like I look better naked,” Dorothy said. I would be like, ' Yeah, I’m hanging out with Dorothy tonight because she’s f--king awesome.' And I am.” Please, don’t hold back! I think I’m a f--king delight.” And apparently, Dorothy wasn’t alone. Either way, they had possibly the cutest date, complete with mermaid tails for a swim in the ocean.


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