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He was too embarrassed to read it himself at commencement, so the previous year's winner did it for him.For the rest of his life, he forbade publication of "Timbuctoo." Tennyson did not sing the praises of England's world conquest. And Tennyson's later poetry showcases the "modern" expectation that the human race, guided by reason and science, would come together and build a better world for everyone.Whether or not we share Tennyson's optimism about the ultimate triumph of human wisdom, goodness, and science, we have all built castles in the air.Tennyson would write much better verse as an adult. I stood upon the Mountain which o'erlooks The narrow seas, whose rapid interval Parts Africa from green Europe, when the Sun Had fall'n below th' Atlantick, and above The silent Heavens were blench'd with faery light, Uncertain whether faery light or cloud, Flowing Southward, and the chasms of deep, deep blue Slumber'd unfathomable, and the stars Were flooded over with clear glory and pale.This was the beginning of European colonization of the interior of Africa.

human beings and space-aliens living together throughout the galaxy? The assignment was to write a poem on the subjet of "Timbuctoo." The subject was not really surprising.

In 1829, nineteen-year-old Alfred Tennyson (he went by "Fred") won the Chancellor's Medal for poetry at Cambridge.


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