Myspace profile not updating

Discover seems to be unpersonalized, and just a stream of celebrity marketing.You can also use 'super post' to update your status across the three social networks, use Myspace chat, read your mail and more. It doesn't take advantage of the network's great music and video at all, can be slow and a little unstable.Its public profiles allowed users to upload photos, post short messages on other users’ profiles, send emails using the internal messaging system and receive updates from the much loved “Tom” (co-founder Tom Anderson, who left the company in 2009).My Space was probably best known for providing a way for up and coming artists to host music tracks through a customised music player.The home screen is a portal to Myspace's various tools.The stream gives you either a traditional news wall, made of updates from Myspace, Twitter and Facebook, or you can use the Grid view.Grid is split into three parts, your live stream, Artists on Myspace and Discover.The Artists stream takes your i Phone library, and gives you news on your favorite stars, while Discover sends you updates on movies, celebs and more.


This i Phone app, like the web app, concedes that you probably use Facebook and Twitter and allows you to sign in with those accounts, as well as Myspace.This was unlike rival website Sound Cloud, which started in 2007 and focuses on being an audio distribution platform.


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