My son is dating a black girl

Until you have thoughts like "I'm a grown a$$ man who can make my own decisions and I don't give a flying f** what my dad thinks", you may not be ready for this. You should warn her about his racism before taking her to meet him, it's only fair to her.

If my son, who is white brought home someone he cared enough about to introduce to me, I wouldn't care what color, religion or anything else she was, as long as she cared about my son and treated him well. Whenever I meet a new black woman that I like this thought always pops into my head: "If this progresses, how am I going to handle the introduction between her and my dad?

Parents are human beings like everyone else and we owe them respect and love only if they are worthy of it not simply because we sprang out of their loins. I feel sad that socio cultural pressures mean we feel we can let people can away with anything because they gave us life. I would have a serious word with my Father about his attitude and tell him to re-assess his skewed values or that he might risk losing me as a child. It doesn't matter where it comes from , what generation or cultural background. " How have other interracial couples dealt with this?

When my ex told his mother that I was Black she and his father audibly gasped.

My godfather was very unhappy I didn't marry a Black man but I had prepared him for the possibility by tell him I was dating white men before I meet my now ex.


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