My ex girlfriend is dating someone else

There are emotional strings attached to her deep-seeded feelings for you...

tugging gently on those strings can make her quickly realize how much she still loves you.

Identifying and recreating those circumstances is easier than you think, and getting your exgirlfriend to see that things can once again be that way will go a long way toward getting her back in your arms again. There are some radical techniques you can use to quickly turn around her thinking, and get her into a mindset that's open and receptive to getting back together.

The correct opening moves are critical to winning back your ex.

There are ways of winning back your ex no matter what the circumstances surrounding your break up.

The key to talking to your ex girlfriend is to create a scenario where she realize - and not the other way around.

There are tips and tricks you can make use of that will shift the balance of power, creating an environment in which your ex realizes just how much she needs your relationship. When your girlfriend finally does come back to you, she believes getting back together was all her idea.

Learn what they are, so you can always keep her seeing you in a romantic light - and not one of pure platonic friendship.


If you've been making the wrong ones, your ex will run in the other direction.

Learning when to contact your ex is crucial, and knowing exactly what to say is just as important.


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