Musiq soulchild who is he dating

He’s talented and I love him as he’s also the God creature.

that, “They have been dating for almost three years”. 3 years is a very long time for a couple that is in the entertainment industry to date, without people finding out about it.

but has no children’s yet, but it is rumored that she has two public relations.

Apparently, A Reece is not the only guy who was trying to win Natasha’s heart and get noticed.

Rapper Sjava,who is also from Ambitiouz Entertainment, was also vying for Natasha’s affections in the last couple of months, but she ended up choosing A Reece instead.

Sjava has however denied that he was romantically interested in Natasha and was trying to get her attention, saying, “There’s no such.



I have my own girlfriend and I’m happy with her.” Natasha has also denied her rumored romance with A-Reece.

“Unfortunately me and A-Reece are young, work in the same industry and I love his music.


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