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I mean, as long as we’re talking about Star Wars, look at how quickly we all turned on George Lucas.

Yeah, the prequels are objectively bad movies was a crime on the same level as the torpedoing of the Lusitania. But it’s that same misplaced sense of ownership and entitlement that will lead to some of the most insane meltdowns you will ever see.

((The dogpile was, in fact, started by someone who was jealous that said artist was dating someone the hater had a crush on, but it was the “she’s fanning wrong!

” war cry that inspired the fandom to rise up en masse)).


This means that functionally, your identity is in the hands of someone else and they ultimately don’t care about you outside of you ponying up more money for whatever they’ve rubbed their balls on. If the beancounters at Disney decide there’s more money to be made turning Star Wars into a Regency comedy of manners instead of space opera, they’ll do it and jettison the fans in a heartbeat.

But it’s that over-entitled sense of ownership that gets people into trouble.

Not, mind you, just from the community, but from as well.

Let’s be honest: unless you’re an absolute sociopath, you ain’t compartmentalizing the way you act on Reddit from the way you act in the rest of your life.


It’s not just that you watch sci-fi movies but how they inspire you to express how you love them. One of the biggest mistakes geeks and nerds make is in the way they have a tendency to make their consumption part of their identity.It becomes a major touchstone of who they are; they don’t just it.


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    These rumors seemed to affect FKA as there are claims that the 28-year-old singer has still fears that the actor is still keen to go back to his former love mate, Stewart, who is allegedly sad and is left alone by her girlfriend.

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