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The last is using accessories such as close-up lenses which provides the cheapest means to achieve high magnification ratios or by using Bellows Units, copying stands, adaptors etc..

with any Nikkor lenses.: -When this Nikon F3 site was introduced (even the revised 2nd version), I had not featured any Nikkor lenses seriously, but in 2003, I now have compiled quite a bit of information on the various Manual Focus Nikkors - with the exception of Micro-Nikkor lenses, the AF-Micro-Nikkor was quite complete and even the latest PC-Micro has been featured).



You can and go to the bottom to click on the Micro-Nikkor section and all the available MF-AF Micro-Nikkor are there for you to browse around OR just click on the bottom links on respective focal length with this lens type: If you can notice, the macro photography group in the Nikon photographic system has, over the years developed into a stand alone system. all system accessories designed for close up photography are meant to be shared among all Nikon camera bodies.

Differences here are just how each camera model can provide a photographer with absolute advantages with their respective features incorporated to make macro photography an easier experience.



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