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It is used in the intro of almost every video that Ian and Anthony upload on You Tube and on their website since June 7, 2006. " catchphrase on their intros is where random noise(s) appear of either narrating, singing, miscellaneous sounds and using it to stop them, where a voice will then be heard saying the phrase. However, after Patrick started dubbing the videos, the correct translation "Callate! It's triggered by someone's voice or a tap on your i Pod touch.

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As the intro itself is a cardboard cut-out of the Smosh logo painted in another cardboard. In this version, you can also trigger the sound by tapping the screen.

On June 7, 2006, Smosh uploaded their 10th or 11th video (unsure because of the fact that their Pokemon theme was removed) called "The California Stereotype Experiment," which was the very first video in Smosh with the "Shut Up! After the video was uploaded, Smosh began to use the "Shut Up! In some videos, Smosh would add another phrase after the "Shut Up! When El Smosh was created, the Spanish counterpart is referred to as the "Silencio! Oddly enough, the real Spanish translation of "Shut Up! Now, even if you don't have a microphone, you can tell everyone who's annoying you to Shut Up!


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