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That included her son, Aaron Smith-Levin, and his three children.

But she defied the church, continued to see her son and grandchildren, and that ended up getting Aaron tossed out of the church and his kids kicked out of a Scientology school.

“I want to describe why people get in, what they get out of Scientology, and what makes them stay in so long — and not just the controversies and abuses that so much of the media is about,” Smith-Levin tells us.

Her dilemma became a key highlight of Alex Gibney’s documentary, Going Clear, which began airing on HBO last month.Now, the two young men from those stories, Aaron Smith-Levin and Nick Lister, are teaming up to create a new You Tube channel that will feature the stories of other young Scientologists who grew up in the church and believe they have a unique view of it.


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    Mc Donald, a four-time Tony winner who’s currently starring in “Porgy and Bess,” spent the previous four years shuttling between New York and LA as she balanced starring on the ABC drama “Private Practice” with her personal life.

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