Miller lite dating commercials

All is then right with the world, men are again masculine – meaning a safe distance from anything that may be considered – – feminine.

Or that one’s gender identity could be revoked.) His two crimes against masculinity, of course, being drinking a non-Miller Lite beer, and asking his male friend to go with him to the bathroom.This one particularly mocks the behavior of going to the bathroom in groups, or with a friend that is generally seen as feminine.I’m referring to, of course, the series of advertisements that the company has been promoting as part of their “Un-Manly” campaign. Men who cry are deemed “unmanly,” men who don’t want to be apart from their significant other are “unmanly,” men who like Kelly Clarkson are “unmanly,” men who ask another man to go to the bathroom at the same time as them are “unmanly” …all leading up to men who choose any light beer other than Miller Lite being “unmanly.” Luckily, these men always have a posse of dudes to remind them how unmanly they’re being and set them on the straight and narrow by ordering a Miller Lite.


Two of the ads that I find most worthy of criticism manage to both mock men who exhibit emotional lives as well as portray women who are supposedly in “heroic” roles as unnecessarily sexualized.Exhibit A: Here we have a group of women who are impersonating real-life heroes (lifeguards), for the purpose of being able to showcase women in bathing suits, while pretending to save a man from the insult of being compared to … Even these female lifeguards are horrified by the thought of a man being feminized.


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