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This summary might be making the book sound more coherent than it is.Welsh throws in many scenes largely unrelated to either plot - including a fantastically gratuitous sexual encounter between Danny and an obese old woman.More importantly, having thought up his fable, he seems to have struggled to work out what it might mean - and to have left his struggles visible in the finished novel.Along the way, he tries out various theories: that Brian is a "born victim"; that people need enemies as much as they need friends; that the two men represent the two sides of Scotland's soul - the Calvinist and the hedonistic; even, somewhat desperately, that Danny is a symbol of George Bush in Iraq, making weaker people suffer on his behalf.But then a new colleague arrives and Danny's life changes - mainly into a rather puzzling fable.The colleague is Brian Kibby, who in his first couple of scenes efficiently establishes himself as a nerd.You may not be shocked to hear that the protagonist of Irvine Welsh's latest novel is a bloke in Edinburgh with a fondness for heavy drinking, recreational drugs and swearing a lot.When the book begins, Danny Skinner is successfully combining these hobbies with a job in the environmental health department.



When - less predictably - Danny is anally raped at an orgy, it's Brian who gets the sore bottom.

Meanwhile, Danny is also trying to find out who his father is; all he knows is that the man was once a chef.



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