Metrosexual chat rooms


Here, the book's author explains his view, while the Mail's JACI STEPHEN gives the female perspective.Man's man: Testosterone, fast cars and a pint with the lads in the pub - Philip Glenister as Gene Hunt is a true retrosexual It was my girlfriend's fault.Not content with the tight drainpipe trousers and Day-Glo tops she'd insisted I start wearing, the nightly chats about my apparently 'pent-up' feelings, and the staring at me after a forced viewing of yet another romantic comedy, waiting for me to cry, she then decided I should wear mascara - to the pub.It was the Nineties, the nation was idolising pretty-boy David Beckham, and men in their 20s and 30s had been indoctrinated with the idea that what women really wanted were metrosexual pushovers.But are men ready to cast off the shackles feminism attempts to impose on them?And do women really want a man with more than a touch of the Neanderthal?The truth is that 30 years of feminism have emancipated women, but emasculated men.

That night I binned my Clinique moisturiser, GQ magazines and volumising hairspray - and then I dumped the girlfriend, too.

I suddenly realised that metrosexuality was a game I shouldn't be in; why on earth, I wondered, were men trying to imitate women?

So, yes, I succumbed to her soothing suggestion that a little eye make-up would be 'cool'.

But 15 minutes later, having bumped into an incredulous, sarcastic colleague in the boozer, I was back home angrily washing my face clean.

But so standard is it today for men to be concerned with their appearance and interested in fashion that it is no longer considered effeminate or 'gay' for a man to take pride in looking well-groomed - and the word is dying conducted the study, said: 'The interviews found that the metrosexual moniker opened up a way for heterosexual men to enjoy fashion without being stereotyped as gay, although others considered the term a more polite way of calling someone gay.'She continued: 'Some men saw the interest in fashion as a possible way to bridge gaps between gay and straight men.

Some of the heterosexual men interviewed admitted taking fashion advice from gay men.'The men also said that the term was being used less and less - that it was likely a buzzword that was fizzling out, or that now it has just become a label, as more men pay more attention to their appearance.'Her study - is the Metrosexual Extinct?


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