Mccauley culkin dating

He gushed about Mila: "She's so gorgeous, just so gorgeous and I was chatting her up and got the conversation around to have you got a boyfriend, and then you know that feeling of how long do I have to entertain a conversation?“Then I go away and she keeps talking about her boyfriend Mac, this is when I was on Sarah Marshall.” Russell - who hijacked a US chat show host and blasted the presenters for their bad manners this week - continued: “Eventually she said he's coming tomorrow and there was some sort of fanfare, she was so excited.He was married to one of the world’s hottest women and previously bragged about having sex with more than a dozen birds in one night.But Russell Brand still regrets missing out on adding another notch to his severely splintered bed post."Then when he came it wasn't Mac - it was Macaulay Culkin.He'd got longer and looked pale and scared of himself, like a shaved horse.


The edgy comedian was filming with Mila Kunis when he tried to charm the gorgeous actress only to discover she was already dating someone.And the serial shagger - who debuted his new stand-up Messiah Complex world tour in London last night - was stunned when he found out the Hollywood stunner was seeing “the lad from Home Alone”.


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