Mayor of los angeles dating


Eventually Parker moved into Getty House, registering to vote there in December 2010, according to county election officials.

PHOTOS: Villaraigosa and Parker A former Miss USA who works for KTLA-TV Channel 5, Parker had rarely been seen with the mayor in recent weeks.

She attended Villaraigosa's State of the City speech on April 20 and posed for photographs with him a week later at Brit Week, an event celebrating California's ties with Great Britain.

Parker enlisted the mayor's help with her own philanthropic activities, including the launch of the Lu Parker Project, her charity to help homeless animals and at-risk youths.

At one high-profile event, Villaraigosa helped assemble beds for homeless dogs.



The mayor told the Loyola audience that his handling of the politically damaging breakup was his "biggest regret" as mayor. The mayor, 59, started dating Parker, 44, two years later.

They became a local celebrity couple, appearing courtside at Lakers games and side by side at civic, charity and Hollywood functions.

He also refused to say whether Parker has moved out of Getty House.

"My personal life isn't any of your business any more than yours is mine," he said Wednesday after an appearance at Loyola Marymount University, where he publicly mused about the breakup of his marriage to Corina Villaraigosa five years ago.


The mayor was still married when he began dating Mirthala Salinas, who was then a television news reporter on Telemundo's Spanish language KVEA-TV Channel 52.

His wife, mother to two of his four children, filed for divorce in 2007.


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