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But both Irish sides are honored after all of these years for the struggle and horrors they endured.The main hustle used to get them into the army was to grab them off the immigrant boats and sign them up for an immediate job with cash in hand on the spot.They were then delivered to the recruiters, quickly signed up, got their second , and the rest of the bounty stolen by the scammers with the new American on his way to the front.Saint Patrick’s Day has long been a big Confederate event in honor of all the Irish who fought for the South.


Many of the established Irish who fought for the North bought into the propaganda of saving the Union.

But many Irish were brought in as part of the huge European mercenary recruiting program.

The scale of the immigrants being shanghied for bounties was so large during the last year of the war that these ‘inductees’ were literally treated as prisoners.

They were constantly under guard while being transferred to the front as replacement cannon fodder for the continuing mass assualts against Confederate fortifications.

Historian Bruce Catton described some of their last ditch desperate attempts to escape before reaching the front lines.

Those being transported by river boat would jump ship at night and swim for the shore with the guards shooting them in the water, ending their short romance with American freedom and opportunity.


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