Maurizio 42 dating

Savioni in turn allegedly hired Benedetto Ceraulo, 39, a car-parts dealer. Patrizia was arrested on 1/31/1997 at AM in her 18th-century penthouse in Milan for the murder of her ex-husband.

She was charged with paying four people, including her psychic, 5,000 to kill Maurizio.

In 1985 Maurizio abruptly dumped Patrizia, packing his bags and leaving one day with no preliminary warning.

They agreed that she would receive 0,000 a month to cover expenses, but, Patrizia complained, on some months he only came up with ,000 or less, "the bones, but not the chicken." Having to worry about money was not commensurate with her social position, plus she fretted over the loss of the family yacht.

By 1993, the Gucci family drama had escalated toward major financial problems and the company sold out to Investcorp.


However, Auriemma, also on trial, said that the fee was paid for the arranged hit, for which she found Ivano Savioni, 42, a hotel porter, to commission a hit-man.

Considering the evidence, many wondered why it took the police two years to arrest her.


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