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The print books have the advantage of having very thorough indexes to help you get the perfect quote.While women’s studies professors bang pots and blow whistles at antirape rallies, in the dorm next door, freshman counselors and deans pass out tips for better orgasms and the use of sex toys.In any event, these can be the speeches that matter most to people.No: it means, according to the campus sexual-assault industry, that the abuse of coeds is worse than anyone had ever imagined.The campus rape movement highlights the current condition of radical feminism, from its self-indulgent bathos to its embrace of ever more vulnerable female victimhood.Full-length books provide the most in-depth coverage and perspective over time, but an encyclopedia entry or book chapter will often provide sufficient background information.

9 out of 10 speechwriters find that statistics are an essential part of winning any argument.And though the main content of the speech will likely be personal, you may want to bolster your speech with a quote, statistic, or by comparing it to a current or historical event.


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