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Later in the episode, Amelia ended up going to the bar with Riggs after her fight with Mer, and although she declined a beverage from the new doc, the former alcoholic ended up ordering a drink for herself.Another duo fighting during the midseason finale were Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers).Based on tonight’s episode, we have to assume that Nathan was heavily romantically involved with Owen’s sister, and something went terribly wrong. There’s a reason why you’re a journalist — your instincts are impeccable! [Laughs.] In typical “Grey’s” fashion, the mystery is sort of going to build very slowly throughout the episodes.In the midst of her messy divorce with Ben Affleck and custody battle for their three kids, the actress has found a “friend” in Martin Henderson, her co-star in a new movie titled Miracles From Heaven.



Although she is hesitant to start a new relationship, especially since she is still technically married, there is definitely something brewing between Martin and her.

“Grey’s Anatomy’s” new leading man Martin Henderson has ruffled many feathers since he walked into Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as Dr. Butting heads with Owen (Kevin Mc Kidd), the entire medical staff — and plenty of viewers — have been wondering what went on in the past between Owen and Nathan, and Thursday night’s midseason finale finally shed more light on the dueling duo’s history.

An inside source told Star magazine, “Jen and Martin met in Georgia on the set of their new film and quickly bonded.

He is always checking up on her and making sure she is happy.” Jen has reportedly been emailing all of her girlfriends and telling them how “amazing” Martin is.

Their bickering couldn’t even be resolved by a proposal — Karev popped the question, and we were left with a major cliffhanger: “Yes or no? See More:‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Hits 250 Episodes: Shondaland’s Betsy Beers Looks Back on 10 Years Back with the boys, Owen and Nathan got into a physical fight, which resulted in Nathan getting punched. The reason behind Owen and Nathan’s bad blood isn’t perfectly clear at this point, but throughout the episode, Nathan called Owen’s mother “Ma,” and at episode’s end, Meredith told Owen she didn’t know he had a sister.

While all signs point to Nathan being romantically involved with Owen’s sister — which seemingly ended up going terribly wrong — Henderson spoke to Variety to clear up Nathan’s storyline.


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